Mixed Use & Master Planning

Acts Freedom Farm

1200 Acre Master plan for Veteran’s Housing – Rosamond, CA Freedom Complex – “main street” includes a Health Club, Winery, Freedom Hall, Education Center, Farmers Market, Hotel, Farm to Table Winery, Worship Center, Equestrian Center, Commercial Center, Softball Fields, Football Field, Arts Center, Veteran’s Memorial, Live Work Office Lofts, Event Center, Café, Grocery & convenience..

Shun De Eco City

About 1st Place Competition Winner, May 11, 2011: A 2.5 Square Kilometer City Center along a tributary of the Pearl River. The project includes a 150 meter financial tower, resort, a canal parkway, riverfront, central park, residential towers, townhouses and a commercial service node for the entire Shunde industrial region.

Food Industry Headquarters

1st Place Competition Winner, September 2011. A 175, 420 square meter mixed use development including research labs, convention space, offices, promotional display areas and education facilities.

Pingtan Island Port City

About Pingtan Island is located in the Strait of Taiwan, and is a new offshore port city adjacent to Fuzhou, China. The master plan commissioned by the government encompasses the mixed use business core that includes entertainment, hotel, housing and civic uses.

Harbin Financial District

Masterplan for a 7 square kilometer, and adjacent Olympic Traning Center in the City of Harbin. The site is situated on the North bank of the river, overlooking present downtown Harbin.